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Monday, March 30, 2020


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Kris P

Well, if they're not Fred and Ethel Senior, I bet they're their progeny. They learned your pond is a good place to land somewhere. They're delightful.


There's something so reassuring in their return. Spring will come, trees will flower, birds will sing. It goes on regardless, and there are bits of joy in every day.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yay, Fred and Ethel are back! Congratulations. It is a special day.

Lisa at Greenbow

How wonderful Fred and Ethel are back. Spring migration is on. I wonder if the birds can feel the difference in the air? I feel sure they can because I think I can feel the difference. The noise pollution is down. That is what I notice the most.


So sweet. Life goes on.

Loree / danger garden

Patterns are comforting, I'm glad Fred and Ethel are birds of habit.

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