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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

Sounds like a good one.

Barbara H.

Very important words to find in a review these days: "easily readable type". Oh for those younger days when such words did not have such a positive ring to them. Thank you for noticing the disparity of talking about how hard it is to get rid of stubbornly invasive plants and yet finding them in the plant list. I get appalled sometimes when reading a plant list from a reputable gardener and find things included that are clearly trouble making plants. I love bulbs but don't enjoy planting them, so seeing them in a book might satisfy that need for seeing them.

Kris P

How I wish I could design with so many of the bulbs that grace Dutch gardens! I'm afraid this book would make me woefully jealous. Other than some Dutch Iris and daffodils, I mainly stick to South African/Mediterranean bulbs.

Loree / danger garden

I am not a fan of bulbs (their dying foliage, the fact I almost always put a shovel through them when they're dormant) but I am glad that other people are, that way I can appreciate the flowers in their gardens.

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