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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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Barbara H.

Loved it.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love this poem. It is so appropriate for this time of life. The singers on their balconies, in their homes etc...such a joy. If you can get out in your garden and enjoy the joyful songs of birds as greet the morning and woo their mates it is a soothing thing.
We had a pair of crows not long ago shopping the trees for an appropriate nesting place. Unfortunately the trees here are not to their liking. I see them often so they didn't leave the neighborhood. I really like this sketch too.

Amy@small sunny garden

Wonderful and uplifting!

Kris P

Love the poem and the drawing, Linda! The crows are nesting here and, this year at least, I'm not begrudging them the peppermint willow stems they steal in the nest building process.


Ahhhh...thank you for this.

Loree / danger garden

I stared at your drawing for quite some time, it is really lovely, thanks for sharing!

sandy lawrence

Lovely! The crow is my spirit bird and his appearance and loud call invariably signals - sometimes warns of - a significant change in my life.


Your drawing is lovely. I always enjoy seeing what gardeners create when using something other than plants.
And speaking of crows, I recommend the book “Crow Planet” by PNW author, Lyanda Lyn Haupt. So many interesting observations about these birds. She’s very good about teaching us not to generalize.( Her other book “Mozart’s Starling” made me change my opinion of starlings!)
Reading and gardening are such wonderful stabilizers in these bewildering times.

sarah ross

If you would like to know more on the subject of corvids, I recommend a wonderful blog called DivaCrows. It's witty, well-written and always interesting on the foibles of these charming birds. A joy to read!

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