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Monday, March 09, 2020


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Your vase is a real beauty as are your snowdrops.


What a great vase for snowdrops - the colours are perfect - and I like the background makes such a good tableau. I am off to look up Arum Italicum 'Ghost now!

Linda Casper

Beautiful view of under the petals and they echo the colours of the vase

Linda Brazill

Thank you. It’s one of a pair from my mom and her mother.

Linda Brazill

Arum is a plant I see in UK gardens that I can grow!

Linda Brazill

You definitely have to get those flowers above eye level to enjoy them.

Lisa at Greenbow

Perfect vase for these little lovelies. Happy IAVOM.

Kris P

Ha, I love the optical illusion! You did a great job both with the vase selection and in photographing your lovely snowdrops looking up their skirts ;)

Beth @ PlantPostings

I have some of that variety, too, and I love them. But I need to rake away some leaves that got caked in where they grow. Hope to get out tomorrow to see what's trying to bloom under the leaf layer. The rain and warmth finally washed away the ice and snow. Yay.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful, and excellent vase placement! BTW we have snow in the forecast for the weekend. Ugh.

Linda Brazill

We’re having rain and surprisingly springlike weather.

Linda Brazill

I still have quite a lot of snow.

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