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Saturday, March 14, 2020


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Kris P

It's a very weird time, isn't it? I rattled some cages late this week, sharing The Huntington's action on docent-led school tours and events with parties at my local botanic garden. An announcement similar to Huntington's went out a few hours later, followed by cancellation of the next 2 weeks of docent tours. (Schools here also announced closures the next day so that made most of the prior schedule moot anyway.) Feeling a little stir-crazy, a friend and I ventured out to a local restaurant (part of a chain) for an early lunch yesterday and, when our request for "social distancing" from other customers got lost in translation, I sent a suggestion to the chain's headquarters and got a personal phone call in response within hours with promises to do better. Everyone is muddling through at the moment but I have more hope now that the public is responding responsibly.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your vase of flowers look so nice with the picture. Those yellows bring them together.
Our library is closed! No CV19 is here and they want to keep it that way I guess. So much is closed here too. Schools etc... I normally live a quiet life but this seems really strange.

Barbara H.

You did a great job pairing the flowers and the painting. As I scrolled down I could see the picture of the flowers and the top half of the painting and thought "Wow! Those go together!" And I was right. And I really like the painting - good job, Mark.

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