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Monday, April 20, 2020


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Kris P

What a wealth of peonies you have, Linda! As I'm sure I've said before, I suffer from extreme peony envy. My Itoh peony once again shows no sign of any intent to bloom (not unexpected but nonetheless lamented) and my Majorcan peony produced just a single bloom, now long gone. The latter does have seed pods, though, so perhaps I will try to propagate it. Who knows, maybe I can get 3 Majorcan peonies that offer me one bloom each every year...

Lisa at Greenbow

Peonies popping up in the garden is exciting. They have such strong foliage and stems. It will be exciting to see them all in bloom. My peonies all have at least one bud on them this year. That is good for here. These are the peonies that I rescued from a field right across the street from where I live. They have now put a concrete drive right over the ones I left behind. Wish I had taken more.

Barbara H.

You are truly rich in peonies! Lucky Linda...

Loree / danger garden

Emerging peonies are so cool. The foliage on that last one is fabulous! I inherited a standard pink herbaceous peony. It's pretty much been shaded out as the garden has grown, I might get a single bloom these days, but the foliage is wonderful! Last year I was the recipient of an Itoh peony 'Misaka' from Monrovia, the buds are swelling and going to burst open at any time...I can't wait!

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