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Saturday, April 11, 2020


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Barbara H.

Oh, you have some treasures there, Linda, including the hellebores! So glad to see your post - I was getting a little worried.


I am not a fan of sock monkeys, but I love that bunny. And I especially love all of the veggies. Happy Easter!

Linda Brazill

I totally agree about sock monkeys!

Linda Brazill

Still here; just slower to post these days.

Lisa at Greenbow

What a fun display. I love the orange lanterns. All looks so good with that colorful picture behind. And the sock bunny...too cute. Since we aren't having family over I have totally lost the impulse to decorate for Easter. I really should have. I did ask Gary to bring home some candy eggs the last time he went to the grocery. Saving them until tomorrow.
Happy Easter anyway. I hope you have some sunshine for the day. Cheers.

Loree / danger garden

That's a great display! Probably even worse than forgetting Easter when you were at the grocery store, I forgot my husband's birthday. So much else to think about! Luckily I remembered when I still had time to run out and make a couple of purchases.

Kris P

The arrangement is a lovely mix of flowers in monochromatic shades, my favorite kind of combination. I love both your sock and felt bunnies too. And I totally would have bought that yellow coat, at least in my younger days.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Your Hellebores are beautiful, Linda. The first two I bought didn't list their names, other than that they were H. orientalis hybrids. I can't seem to stop collecting them. I don't have many, but I certainly want more. That's a beautiful arrangement, too. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Thanks for alerting me to this , Linda - what a great display you had, so well-co-ordinated!

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