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Friday, April 24, 2020


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rae kaiser

What a great project and your organization.You are using your time wisely.

I am off to the basement to make masks today. Too bad I hate to sew.

Barbara H.

And when you're done there... Seriously, this is the kind of project I keep intending to do, either in the short, dark winter days or the long too hot to be outside summer days. So far, no progress, though there is always hope for the future. I so admire your thought process in organizing this project.

Kris P

What foresight! I'm impressed that you collected and managed all that information in such a thoughtful and orderly fashion. With my parents and grandparents gone and connection to my father's large family lost following his death when I was a child, I've thought it'd have been nice to have some kind of family history on hand. I'd have to start with something like Ancestry dot com to open those doors to the past....

Lisa at Greenbow

You have quite the project lined up there. Just going through old photos is a process. I know it will be a worthwhile effort. It is good you can be getting into the garden. It is fairly dry here. We are to have some rain the next few days. We will see. Have a great weekend.

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