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Thursday, April 02, 2020


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Our neighbors were loading their pickup this past weekend to take their waste to our drop off site, and we were going to borrow it when they got back. They called and said it was closing at 5, and wouldn't be open after that. We hustled all of our bags to the driveway and got them dropped off. Reading the sign, I think they are actually still going to be open during the week, when we usually have to pay, but are going to let city residents dump for free as we usually can on Saturdays. I haven't heard if the city is going to do their usual April pick up of yardwaste. It surprised me that getting rid of our many many bags of winter fallen oak leaves would be one of the most inconvenient things I've experienced so far with this virus. We are truly privileged.

Kris P

40F! You're one tough gardener! I can't even imagine working outside in that kind of cold. I guess we're also lucky to have weekly pickup of green waste as well as recyclables and regular trash. I am looking forward to composting some of the green waste onsite again, though.

Lisa at Greenbow

Our 'limb pile' is still open. I hope they don't close it. The city has stopped picking up recyclables. This makes so much more trash. UGH...
Those huge bags of locust pods are impressive. Too bad there isn't something a person could do with all those pods. There is a tree like this across the street from where I live. I see the pods there. They get mulched with with the mowing service the neighbor has.
My epimediums are now blooming. Sweet little things.

Loree / danger garden

While I love seeing those pods around town I can't imagine gardening with them! As for your pile of waste I hope the city does make it go away. Anything we leave at the curb has to be in the green yard waste bin, or paper yard waste bags we buy at the hardware store. They hold about 3/4 of what one of those black plastic bags holds.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Strange times. We usually drag our leaves into the woods on our property, where they decompose over time. We have a small compost bin, but we have to limit it during certain seasons. So far, we're still getting garbage and recycling pickup. I wonder if that will change.

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