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Monday, May 04, 2020


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Kris P

The tulips are pretty as they are, Linda, but you'll have to post another photo when they open. Both vases are lovely and oj so very spring like. I'm envious as it appears we're being dragged (kicking and screaming in my case) into summer here.


Oh those muscari look wonderful with those faded hellebore - most effective. Interstingly, today I cut the flowers from 2 or 3 of my hellebores to leave the new foliage - with some, the flowers seem to just keel over and lie on the ground, and it is these ones I have cut. How intriguing that your tulips haven't opened,as they invariably do in the warmth of the house


I love the color combos you've used in both vases. They're lovely!

Lisa at Greenbow

You have some beautiful colors this week. Love em. that muscari is a beauty.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, that first one is a great arrangement. And I love the tulips, too. Very creative! Some of my Hellebores are seeding, but others are still blooming. I need more Hellebores. ;-)


Each of the vases show off some of your garden beauties. I particularly like the first one finding 'older' hellebore flowers very attractive.

Loree / danger garden


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