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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


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I'm using carexes as ground cover, love them and toad lilies

Barbara H.

So many good ideas here, Linda, but I was surprised that Lily of the Valley is hard to control. I've always tried to get it started but it gives up the ghost quickly.

Lisa at Greenbow

You have some beauties here Linda. I too have been trying some carex and different types of grasses here and there.

Kris P

You have wonderful flowers and foliage too. I grow a couple of Carex varieties but your other foliage standouts are beyond my reach.

Nell Lancaster

Is Adiantum pedatum evergreen?

Loree / danger garden

Oh that Convallaria majalus 'Hardwick Hall'!!! I've never seen that, lovely. And of course the patch of Adiantum pedatum is swoon-worthy,

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