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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

You will have a nice swathe of this carex. That is a lot of holes to dig.

Kris P

As excited as I get over our relative pittance of rain, I can appreciate that 2 inches in one sitting on top of what you've already had in the way of precipitation must be frustrating. I hope you have a stretch of better weather coming soon!

Beth @ PlantPostings

It has been frustrating, indeed. I did end up getting some of my Zinnia seedlings in the ground before the rain hit. They seem to be doing just fine, although some bright sun will help them to really take off. The Coleus I bought, however, are not doing well--too damp and cool for them. I've never had this trouble with Coleus before.
The weather going forward looks really good for planting and plants.

Barbara H.

This spring has on many levels, certainly been full of zigs and zags. I hope your weather evens out soon. The carex looks happy even in its pots.

Loree / danger garden

Yikes, you've got a lot of planting to do!

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