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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


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Barbara H.

The new babies are encouraging. I have mayapples in my woods and it seems like the large clump sometimes moves location a little and also changes in size. It's always exciting to see them, even though they are not as dramatic as Spotty Dotty.

Kris P

Baby plants are (almost) always a good thing! I'm glad your investment was better than you'd thought.

Lisa at Greenbow

It seems that my regular May Apples took forever to start multiplying then when they did they have done quite well. Good luck with these little beauties.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Woah, that is dramatic! I'm glad you're getting some new starts from it. Seems like it would be a great groundcover--as the straight species is, but with even more drama.


Baby pictures are always adorable. I think in a few years you'll look back in amazement at how small your clump used to be, and it will be interesting to see the variations in the kids!

Loree / danger garden

Congrats! That's exciting. It's interesting watching the babies pop up around my podophyllum, wondering what coloring they'll eventually take on.

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