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Thursday, May 07, 2020


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Barbara H.

It's so frustrating when you think the temps will be safe but they aren't. Thank goodness we have our gardens, though.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your ephems are gorgeous. My Dutchmans Breeches come up every year but they have only bloomed one time. I wonder why??? This year I decided to move them to a spot that has a bit more moisture. I will see what happens.
Yes, even here it is suspected to go into the 20's. Here it has only done that 3 times ever in May. What a roller coaster ride this spring has been. My poor hostas were mush the last frost I wonder if they will survive a second. ??? We will see about that too.

Kris P

That's the best-looking Pachysandra I've ever seen! I hope the new cold snap doesn't cause much damage.

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