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Thursday, June 11, 2020


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Kris P

I literally cannot imagine this!

Nell Lancaster

It's freakish how localized a lot of the extreme events are, too. The city of Roanoke, in southwestern Virginia, had already had about a year's worth of rain by the beginning of June. Areas to the southeast of the city have had it even worse, with repeated floods. We're just an hour north of there, but are so far pretty normal (on the wetter side of normal, granted). Fingers crossed for you that this is the last deluge for you.

rusty duck

Spring is usually wet here, especially in the SW of England. This year’s was the driest on record. And now we have torrential rain, in what used to be called ‘flaming June’. Not sure we got three inches but I won’t be watering for a day or two!

Loree / danger garden

And I've been complaining about our 2.32 over 5-days. Clearly I have no idea...


Oh. I saw the title and .96 and thought 'that's not bad', and then when you doubled and tripled it...
yes that's more than a little wet.
We had just enough to stave off a drought but without anything in the near future we'll be watering again shortly. It's beautiful out though and I'll overlook a lot when it's this nice.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your poor peonies didn't like all that rain at once. I hope lots soaked into the ground.
Here it is bone dry. I have been out of town staying with my sister. I went home for a few hours just to see how things were going and found that my DB had the sprinkler going. He said it looked dire out there. If he thinks so it probably was looking bad. Sigh~~`

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