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Thursday, July 30, 2020


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Barbara H.

You have mastered the art of combining textures and colors to create a foliage masterpiece.

Loree / danger garden

Oh but you do foliage so well! Those photos are drop dead gorgeous, and thank you for all the names too.

Kris P

These are beautiful foliage combinations, Linda. If I had foliage this lovely, I think I could be happy without flowers. And from a confirmed "flower freak" that's high praise!

Nell Lancaster

At first glance I though the Tiarella blooms were part of the Carex, and wondered why no one talks more about C. convulsa...then read more closely. What a great combination of textures! And what a climate: foamflower in bloom in late July.

Nell Lancaster

Having gone in search of more info about the graceful sedge, I believe it's C. divulsa, not convulsa.

Love love love the echo between the Tiarella and Heuchera foliage. A really delightful scene; thanks!


I love the green!


Wow. What a tapestry of color and shape, and such a contrast to the dried up shade plantings in this garden!
Your maiden hair fern is such an amazing planting, I love it.

Lisa at Greenbow

The hottest July in 8 years and the wettest July in 28 years is what the weather man said yesterday before we got 5" of rain. It rained all day. When I see all your lovely foliage I wish I could keep mine looking so good. If we had rain like yesterday all the time it would be possible but those extended high temps we get anymore sure curb my urge to go for this look. I admire your garden any way you present it, so well done.

Susan Tiffany

I've learned so much from you, Linda, and enjoy your beautiful garden/s. Always inspiring.

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