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Saturday, July 04, 2020


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Denise Maher

Lovely porch and sentiments, which I echo. Thank you!

Lisa at Greenbow

Amen Sister. I like your play list too. Happy 4th.


I hung my flag upside down after the 2016 election. I hope I don't have to do it this year. I too am a proud liberal who doesn't want conservatives to lay claim to our flag. I live in Virginia, but as a Yankee I find the confederate flags here distressing.

Kris P

We usually hang our flag on the 4th but haven't, mainly because my husband isn't feeling great at the moment and I haven't the patience to search the garage to locate it. I hadn't heard of hanging the flag upside down but now I'm tempted to root through there anyway. Enjoy your holiday tunes and the day, Lynda!

Loree / danger garden

I appreciate your desire to maintain a claim to the flag and hope you had a good 4th. It was insane here. I'd read predictions that it would be a loud one, since all the formal displays were cancelled. My lord was it ever! Complete insanity.

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