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Monday, August 17, 2020


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Barbara H.

That is a vigorous grower! Kind of like my pink muhly grass that has taken over part of the garden.

Linda Brazill

Ha! I am always lusting after pink muhly grass which is generally not hardy here. Guess it is another case of being careful of what you wish for. 

Kris P

It's gorgeous, Linda! I've always admired this grass but it wants more water than I can provide.

rusty duck

It is gorgeous. I have the yellow variegated version and I can vouch for the effectiveness of a good chop. I started off many years ago with one sad 3in pot and now have more huge clumps of the stuff than I can reasonably accommodate. I am giving it away!

Lisa at Greenbow

What a gorgeous hunk of grass. I hope to be able to say this in the future. I finally have a tiny hunk of it not wasting away. I took another hunk out and put it in a pot because it was about gone. It liked being placed in a pot. Now if it just lives through the winter. I might try finding it another home here in the garden.

danger garden

I have a few clumps that are doing the opposite, retreating. Dry shade seems to be the culprit. As the garden has grown around them they've ended up further and further back in the border and get less sun and less water. Yours looks so healthy!

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