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Monday, August 03, 2020


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Loree / danger garden

Best use of hosta flowers ever!

Kris P

I never think of growing hostas for the flowers* but these are particularly pretty and, combined with the alliums, the arrangement looks like a fancy cake.

*The truth be told, I don't really think of growing hostas at all as they really don't like it here but I do drool over their foliage every time I see them in plant catalogs.

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh gosh what a pretty vase. Golden Tiara is a little work horse in my garden. It is one of the smalls that grow and bloom prolifically here. Their flowers are pretty.
I was walking through the garden just yesterday and the big hosta Guacamole (I think) is blooming. It has those big white lily-like blooms that smell divine. Always a lovely surprise to have it wafting through the air.
That allium is gorgeous. At first when I looked at the blooms I thought it was a sedum bloom, like Autumn Joy, although I thought it was a little early for that.

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