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Friday, August 28, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

You would have to be a very skilled conscientious person to take down trees in your garden. I am happy you got the right crew in there.
This will be exciting to see come around to the changes you want.
I can tell it is much more open. That is a lot of debris to have moved. Are you using the mulch in your garden or are you afraid whatever was on the pines etc might spread?
Sounds like lots of fun. Here is to some better weather.

Linda Brazill

LISA — We had them grind all the debris and remove it. Though this morning as I was walking around I thought I should have looked for some good size logs to edge the paths in the back. Maybe next time.  We got an exciting .07" of rain as yet another storm passed us last night.

Supposedly we have a chance for rain this afternoon. I am not holding my breath. 

I will plant the ground covers I have waiting on the deck next week when it is cooler, rain or no..

Kris P

They did good work, Linda, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy the new planting space. I'm planning to contact my arborist in September and hope to get on his crew's schedule for late October or early November. My tree-sized Toyon is truly dead so it'll have to go and I'll get many other trees trimmed (to stay on the right side of our horrid "view conservation" ordinance).

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I'm glad we found an arborist who knows her stuff and really was able to talk to us about our trees. She has a great crew.

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