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Friday, August 14, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

What fabulous plants. I am always envious of people that can grow cyclamen. I have tried a couple of different ones none have survived. I always think I might try again when I see displays such as yours. I like all of these minis. Maybe I should try them in pots. Hmmm I might just talk myself into another trial.

Kris P

Those Cyclamen are wonderful and would be so even without flowers. I usually pick up some each year but we don't see the variety of foliage shown by your specimens - I've got some in my shade house but I'm not sure they're earning their space.


I never knew there was a hardy Cyclamen! I would like to try to grow them here, but I am worried that it is too hot and dry in the summer.

danger garden

I wish these liked my garden. Or maybe I should say I wish I had the space to treat them well.

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