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Monday, August 10, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

I have wanted that Rosa Glauca for years but forget about it until someone mentions it. The peony seeds and pod seem something out of this world.

Kris P

I can'r even imagine having that many flowers on my Heuchera! I'm impressed by how pretty peony seedpods are, especially when they burst open. I planted all my Majorcan peony seeds in the vague hope that I'll get new plants from them as they're hard to find.


That heuchera looks nice. I was just looking at my own heuchera patch this afternoon and wondered where they all went!
I'll skip any work outside this afternoon and stick to the air conditioning. We have a few thunderstorms in the ten day, if any hit us I might have to mow the lawn again...

Dee A Nash

That peony seed pod is interesting. I love heuchera flowers because they are so tiny like fairy bells. I find as I grow older, I appreciate the tiny flowers more. ~~Dee

Loree / danger garden

My peony pods refuse to break open. Maybe I need to follow your lead and bring them inside the house.

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