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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


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danger garden

Beautiful! I remember "discovering" that begonia on a Fling, maybe DC? Maybe Toronto? Anyway I really wanted to add it to my garden but kept hearing that it comes up super I knew that meant I'd hate leaving the space empty and want to plant something else right on top of it.

Kris P

It provides just the right kind of warmth in that spot, Linda. I'm sorry to hear about the rabbits - the coyotes here cull ours relatively quickly.

Lisa at Greenbow

One of my favorite plants. It is always a nice surprise to see them finally pop up in the spring. Then on it is such an interesting plant to see growing in my zone as it is a begonia for goodness sakes. :) I hear ya about the rabbits. They are horrendous.

Nell Lancaster (z6b/7a Va)

On a cool grey day here (is it really August? Where am I?), that color really warms. Is it just the leaf underside, or the top surface too?


Rabbits seem to be a “thing” this year. Even here in NW Washington there seem to be more than I can remember in a long time. They don’t always thrive in our wet, cold winters, so it will be interesting to see how many appear next spring.

Linda Brazill

Christine — Everyone seems to have a rabbit problem this year. A U.K blogger was complaining about the size and number of slugs and snails they are dealing with. Always something. 

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