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Friday, September 11, 2020


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Kris P

A friend had recommended this movie to me some months ago but it went onto the back burner. I've started watching it now. Thanks for the reminder!


What a great movie. I just finished watching it and am crying. I'm usually not emotional.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sounds interesting. I will have to look it up.


I only wish there were more movies like this to get us through the coming winter...

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — Have you seen the Hallmark film version of The Secret Garden? It's my favorite. Great cast and it was filmed at Highclere Castle, which was where Downton Abbey was also filmed. But here it is a mysterious and somewhat threatening building. 

Linda Brazill

LAURA — It felt like the perfect movie for this moment.


Thank you so much for recommending this lovely, gentle movie.

danger garden

I watched this one last fall while my husband was away, knowing he would not enjoy it. You're right, it is fairly predictable, but still great fun.

Oh, btw, I had a chance to read your review of The Earth in Her Hands for your plant society newsletter. Our Hardy Plant Society office manager gets the newsletter and sent it out to a few board members as an example of what other groups are up to. Nice work!


Linda- My husband and I also “stumbled” across it while browsing through Netflix a few months ago. So quirky and touching. We knew nothing about it and had no expectations. We loved it!


Not only Lady Sybil, but Andrew Scott, the wonderful priest from Fleabag. Can't wait to watch it - thanks for the recommendation!

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