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Thursday, September 03, 2020


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I love seeing your art! You both have such wonderful taste and so many beautiful things. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Kris P

That's a wonderful use of your time in pandemic confinement! I love your teapot collection - each piece is uniquely fantastic.

Barbara H.

What a lovely collection of tea pots but I would expect no less of any collection you have. Each is beautiful and unique.

danger garden

Thanks for the close-ups of each one of them... true works of art!


Awesome display and awesome response to being confined to home.

Lisa at Greenbow

I have this overwhelming urge to have another cup of tea.
Great collection of pots and of course the photos are great.


Bravo! Will you come do my house next? You brought back such good memories of when I worked in Door County. Not as many potters in those days but I do remember the work of Abe Cohn and Kash Yamada.

Linda Brazill

Christine — For years a friend and I always took an art class at the Peninsula Art School.  We drew and painted until lunchtime, then went shopping and gallery hopping. The read after dinner. Magical days. And when one is on vacation, there are always little art treats one must take home.

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