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Tuesday, September 08, 2020


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Barbara H.

This is a sad, sad development - for both you and the rabbits.

danger garden

Oh no! How many do you have? And have you tried any deterrents?

sandy lawrence

Oh, my, as a gardener cursed with raccoons - which I live-trap and relocate downriver to undeveloped areas - and armadillos, which are very hard to trap and are surprisingly more destructive than raccoons - you have my utmost sincere sympathy.

Just heartbreaking to walk out and find that kind of overnight destruction of hard work and considerable expense!


Kris P

Cheeky rabbit! You need some coyotes, or perhaps just friendly dog.


I hear you loud and clear - this year has been right up there as the worst for critters in the garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

I feel your pain. Argh....


Oh crud. Damn rabbits. Damn deer. They drive me nuts. I'm so sorry.~~Dee

Linda Brazill

Thanks for all the comments. The real issue is the fact that we have rabbits living under our deck. All sizes and ages. Getting a new deck this month which should keep critters out. Once they don't have such a protected spot, I hope that will reduce their numbers. 

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