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Thursday, September 17, 2020


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Barbara H.

Oh gosh, scary falls - glad it was only a rib though painful that probably is. I need to find some balance exercises - it's kind of shocking when you suddenly find yourself teetering or worse - falling as Mark did. You've done a great job refreshing the room! It's like moving but without the hassle. I love all the artwork.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA H. — I decided we should use this time at home to make a change since we are not going to spend time anywhere else! I took a balance class and found it really helpful. I bet you can find something online, esp. if you look at places like Mayo clinic or other healthcare sites. 


I have spent so many Labor Day weekends repainting that it doesn’t seem right not to be doing it. This year I put it off for a week and then the smoke rolled in. I will wait until the skies clear and I can open the windows for air circulation.
I’m so glad Mark has recovered. That type of surprise accident is hard on both of you- for different reasons.

Bobbie Malone

I love the transformation. When you described it verbally, I thought it might be too cold, but it's amazing how warm the overall feeling is, and it really works so well with both the 2-D and 3-D artwork you've chosen. Sorry that Mark had to get hurt in the process, but hoping the satisfaction with the update helps the healing!

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — You definitely don't want to paint with the windows closed. Hope your air quality improves soon.


Oh Mark! I'm glad it wasn't worse!! Jim just got the ok from ortho this morning to start putting weight on his leg. They said PT was optional, but he is doing it. Being an athlete, he wants to do this right. The room is lovely! Thank you for sharing your transformation with us.

Kris P

You approach interior decorating in a much more methodical - and artistic - manner than my husband and I! I love the result and I'm especially enamored with those chairs and their new pillows. It goes without saying that your artwork is more interesting and adventurous than anything my husband and I've ever collected. I'm sorry that Mark was injured in the process. I'm always on tenterhooks when my husband gets on a ladder or, worse yet, walks around on the roof, but my apprehension has yet to have an effect on his behavior.


As I am reading this my husband is going up and down an outside ladder weatherizing some windows. I was already pretty anxious about falls but now....!

The end product is lovely. Sparkles on the curtains would be great too - maybe those tiny mirrors one sees on Indian textiles?


danger garden

What fun! Well, except for the broken rib part... yikes! I absolutely hate painting. I love the change it provides, but detest the work. I hope Mark is healing quickly.

Lisa at Greenbow

A gorgeous update. You will be satisfied with this for a long time. Love the statue in the corner. I am with you about the sparkly bits. They would liven up those windows. ;)
Hope Mark heals swiftly. Darn those old bones.

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