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Monday, October 05, 2020


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Kris P

I think your ceramic platter accented with fall leaves is just perfect as seasonal decor, Linda.

Lisa at Greenbow

Love the autumnal look Linda. How was your platter hung? I have a great big heavy platter that I could put outside if I knew how to mount it.
I really like the pots on the steps too. I love rosemary but can't seem to keep it through the winter either outside or inside.


There are not many oak trees in my area and only one species in the PNW. I had forgotten how beautiful their autumn hued leaves are. Seeing them also reminds me of collecting lots of acorns and chestnuts as a kid, but I don’t remember actually doing anything with them after the collecting was done...

Linda Brazill

LISA — I usually lose my indoor rosemary before the end of the year!

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE: I remember collecting chestnuts in particular but wondere the same thing, what if anything did I do with them? Mostly I remember how shiny they were — and then suddenly , they weren't.


Nicely done. I'm still in denial, since I haven't had any frost damage yet. But I know it's time to switch over to an autumn frame of mind. Your decorations are perfect!

Arun Goyal

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