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Friday, October 09, 2020


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Barbara H.

That's a lot of progress! Do you think this will help eliminate some of the water intrusion you sometimes get in your basement? Filling in the pond - I had forgotten this was in the works but I know they are a lot of hard, wet work.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA H.: Hoping this helps with water issues a bit. Our biggest problem is the storms we are getting are the kind that don't move on and so the amounts of rainwater at one time are often more that the ground can handle.  It shouldn't make anything worse, however.

Lisa at Greenbow

A lot of progress. It is exciting. Will you be staining the wood or is it already treated? I didn't remember that you are filling in the pond. GASP...what will the Mallard couple think when their spring stopover is gone? I know it is a lot of work. It will be fun to see what happens there.

Kris P

It looks like a very professional job. The contractor who managed our home remodel wasn't anywhere near that involved or hands-on.

Linda Brazill

LISA — No the wood won't get stained. It will fade eventually. Right now they are putting waterproof "tape" on the top of all the support boards. Tim, who owns the company, is very thoughtful as he works and is a perfectionist. 
There may still be a pond when the ducks return as they do so very early. I can't remember who I've told or not, but we are hoping to fill the pond with dirt, top it with fine gravel and turn it into a raked gravel garden as they are symbolic water features. We'll see if it can be done (well, anything can be done if one can afford it!!)

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Friends recommended him and we are very happy with his work.

rusty duck

It’s going to look fabulous! Glad you’re going to keep the wood looking natural. But is there something that will prevent it getting slippery in the rain? That’s a real problem here with some railway sleepers we used to cover a water treatment plant.

danger garden

Enjoying the progress!


That wood looks so rich. I bet it will be wonderful underfoot, and it's beautiful as well.
Of course it's sad to see the pond go, but I do like to see change, and a gravel garden might be just what you need there. How exciting!

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