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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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rusty duck

Looking good.
Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Kris P

The arrangement reboot looks great, Linda. It's amazing how long some arrangements hang together (when so many fall apart within days). One I created over 3 weeks ago using Caladium, Aeonium rosettes and Leucadendron stems looks virtually unchanged, although it can't beat your foliage display. Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara H.

This is a nice lesson in making something beautiful, and then refreshing it, out of our fall gardens. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mark, too.


Great idea to use the Epimedium foliage; I'll have to remember that. Your arrangement is lovely. Happy Thanksgiving!

danger garden

Perfect! Perhaps I will venture out this morning before I start cooking and put together a nice "dead stuff" bouquet for our table. (not saying yours is a dead stuff arrangement...saying that's what I would do...)

Lisa at Greenbow

You are getting your moneys worth out of this arrangement. ;)
Happy Thanksgiving.


Love that epimedium foliage! Excellent job with your recycled arrangement, it looks all set for another month.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

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