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Monday, November 09, 2020


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Kris P

Those elements make a lovely salute to fall, Linda, whether your weather is in step or not. It's colder here now that it is in your part of the country. I doubt that will last long but it's remarkable nonetheless.


We have honey locusts out in front of our house, but I've never picked the seed pods. We don't have many, and we have very few volunteers. I don't rake up the leaves either. They decompose fast and they form a nice mulch and most get mowed into the lawn. Your decorating displays are always fantastic--you are a pro!

Linda Brazill

BETH — I love the locust leaves as mulch. When Mark used to go on the roof to blow them down onto the deck I would rake them up and use them right away. Having one over the house and gutters is more problematic. Away from the house is definitely better. Not missing picking up pods!

danger garden

A few years ago I collected several of those pods in the parking lot of a neighborhood grocery store. They're so dramatic. I should go see if there's a good harvest this year.

Lisa at Greenbow

Those orange lanterns remind me of my childhood. A neighbor had them and they hung over the edge of their garden by the sidewalk. I loved to pick them. I got into big trouble.
Sweet little teapot. I like to cups too.

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