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Monday, November 23, 2020


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Nell Lancaster

Deeply envious of your 'David Ward'. I think our summers are just too hot & steamy for it, but now that I've learned how to care for lungworts, I long to try again. Among other things, they have to be caged against groundhogs. Because all the lungworts here are now within easy reach of a shady bench where I retreat regularly during summer garden work sessions, it's easier to remember to give them extra water and some grooming.

Barbara H.

This was a lovely morning walk about for which I thank you, Linda. After a week of sticking inside during perfect fall weather I'm hoping to change that and get some things done in the garden while there is still time.

Kris P

I remain completely envious of your Epimediums, Linda. I'm glad the weather permitted you to get out and survey your garden. It's in the low 50s here this morning and damp and I haven't been able to bring myself to venture out even though there's plenty that needs doing.


Very nice! These are all great perennials. I need to check for my False Rue Anemone foliage--wonderful plant. :)

Lisa at Greenbow

Aaahhhh those mossy rocks. They shine sitting there on the edge of the pond. All of these plants you highlighted are definitely garden worthy and a special delight this time of year.

Linda Brazill

NELL– It seems like lungworts that I don't want seed in the garden from neighbor's gardens all the time. But I am having trouble keeping the treasured one alive.

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — It snowed this morning so I am just enjoying looking out the window and being done with the garden pretty much until next spring.

rusty duck

I HAVE lost my David Ward. They don’t appear to be as robust as other pulmonarias. Or perhaps it just didn’t like my conditions, also entirely possible. Rare here too but I believe it was bred at the Beth Chatto garden, I shall have to get another one from there. The colour of the flowers is so wonderful too.

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