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Thursday, November 19, 2020


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Kris P

Yum! I just finished breakfast and your post still made me hungry - and a little envious. With my husband's extreme dietary restrictions, our weekly meals have been much the same for years.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Dietary issues are such a serious problem and one that has broad effects.  We are lucky those are not an issue for us most of the time.My husband has some food-related problems, but nothing that seems too serious. Neither he nor the docs can quite figure out the cause which is frustrating however. 

Barbara H.

Good for you, Linda. Kind of wish I had kept just a regular journal but it would have been kind of boring to read, I think. Didn't think it would be going on this long and now who know when it will end.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — Our State Historical Society asked people to keep COVID journals. They could be handwritten, photos, digita,l whatever. At first I thought that would be a good idea. Then I realized I did not want to have to pay that much attention to everything that was going on around me. Just totally depressed me. Then I thought of recording our dinners based on something a British cookbook author did. Short term and fun. 

At the start of the Civil War our State Historical Society handed out journals to Wisconsin soldiers to write down their experiences. As a result they have an incredible collection of first-hand material for historians. 

Lisa at Greenbow

I journal some but not about food. Maybe I would pay more attention to what I eat if I journaled about it. I rarely mention CV either. It has put such a squash on life. Not near as bad as the past 4 years. I hope things improve soon. Everything.

Lisa at Greenbow

P.S. I am very curious about your hand made sketchbooks. ???

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