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Thursday, November 05, 2020


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danger garden

Fall clean-up under a blue sky is definitely a treat.

Jane Strong

Very, very beautiful. I especially like the pinkish tinges on the yellow Korean maple leaves. Thank you, makes me feel a bit happier while awaiting the election results and our forecast rain for the weekend.

Kris P

Beautiful fall color. I started watching the final 2020 episode of Gardeners' World on You Tube last night and they showed a segment on a garden created specifically to show off fall color. The garden included the Larch tree, which I'd never seen before. I'm still hoping to convince my husband to agree to a Gingko tree. I haven't started my campaign yet ;)

Barbara H.

Thanks for sharing your beauty, Linda. Much appreciated.

Lisa at Greenbow

All of these gorgeous fall colors are so comforting in this time of year. They ratchet down our expectations and remind us that there will be another beautiful beginning to the growing season.

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — So glad you mentioned Gardeners World. Watched that episode and loved it.

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