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Thursday, December 10, 2020


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Kris P

Your garden is looking great, Linda. I think I "need" an Arum italicum 'Ghost'.

Barbara H.

What a delightful way to celebrate the last month of this challenging year. Comfortable days outside are such a treat in winter.


It has been wonderful to be able to chat with someone in person in the safety of our gardens. I'm glad you were still able to do that even in December. I can imagine that forests have become very popular so that people can continue to do that very thing during the cooler months. I am so envious of your hellebores. I have had one for several years and it has never done anything but produce leaves.


FYI: I was searching for information on new sources for Arum italicums. Like you, I now have a couple newly planted corms? growing in my garden, and while I do enjoy the foliage interest at this time of year, after reading the thread in the link below, I will reconsider planting any more of them.

While they may not be an invasive pest here YET, as it is on the edge of its hardiness zone, it seems gardeners everywhere in the US and around the world are battling with these Arums.

Linda Brazill

JOHN - It is so frustrating to constantly find that a plant that thrills you is invasive. I must say, however, that my Arum is 13 years old and has not obviously seeded in my garden. It has only ever sent up a flower spathe a few times and I barely recall seeing any of the red seeds the way I do with Jack in the pulpit. I will have to start paying more attention now. There is a pale Arum that I had been lusting after; maybe I need to cross it off my list.

Thanks for the info.

Linda Brazill

JENNY — I am pretty thrilled myself with that Hellebore. Just had a big snow storm and now some very cold temps are here. Hoping the snow protects it.

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