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Sunday, December 13, 2020


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rusty duck

Oh gosh, it’s very pretty but I hope there’s no damage!

Kris P

Your snowy garden is gorgeous, Linda. It seems that all our weather challenges are becoming exacerbated year-by-year thanks to the effects of climate change. Here, we're woefully dry and, based on the long-range projections I've read, Southern California could remain rain-less until February.

Susie at pbmGarden

Hope nature holds everything in balance keeping your plants safe beneath this incredible view. So lovely.

danger garden

That's a lot of snow! The wet heavy stuff is what we get anytime is snows here, and it can be so damaging. I hope your garden escapes unscathed.

Linda Brazill

SYSUE — I love the way the garden looks in the snow. I went grocery shopping early this morning as soon as it was light enough and the roads weren't too bad. I am trying to accept that winter is here. 

Lisa at Greenbow

My goodness this is a beautiful winter wonderland. I am just sorry you are wondering if there will be damage. We had our first snow yesterday. Only an inch. It all melted away except what was on certain trees and bushes.

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