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Tuesday, December 15, 2020


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It's beautiful. I have been tempted to buy more candles, but have had two cats send some of their fur up in poofs, so I am hesitant. I did get several sets of fairy lights for new spots, and that light is very cheerful. Even though it will just be three of us, we have decided to have a kind of English afternoon tea on New Years Day, but for brunch. I will take advantage of any excuse to have scones with cream and jam.

danger garden

Looking at the first photo I thought to myself "oh surely she plans to add plants!?"... although I can see the temptation to leave it bare.

(LOVE those containers by the way)

Linda Brazill

DANGER — Not surprised you like those containers!

Linda Brazill

KRISTEN — Love the idea of English Tea. An elegant and global way to start 2021.

Kris P

I understand Mark's aesthetic but, particularly in winter, we need to see a few bold splashes of color!


Wonderful - your selection of landscapes are so evocative of the season. Indoor cyclamen has been very rewarding this year, blooming and blooming. I have no idea what I did right, unfortunately.


Lisa at Greenbow

I am so glad you added that shot of red in your decor. It really livens the arrangement. I find it lots of fun to rearrange items in the house. This year has been a struggle to get myself to do much. For some I am sure it is quite enough. ha...

Linda Brazill

CECI — I managed to keep a pair of Orchids I bought last Christmas alive and now they are putting out flower stalks. I think they survived on benign neglect. Amazing how plants get along nicely without us. 

Linda Brazill

LISA — I have all kinds of big projects that I keep meaning to start on. I thought the pandemic would be the impetus to do so. But the reality is that life is so confusing and stressful these days, that much less is getting done than I anticipated.

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