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Monday, December 21, 2020


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Barbara H.

It's beautiful. I wouldn't mind a snowfall here as long as it went away after a day or two. One of the nicest things about retirement is that I don't have to navigate by car or other means when the roads are bad. I hope your plants stay safe under cover during the cold.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your snowy landscape looks so pretty. I would worry too about your plants being exposed. Hopefully they will all stay tucked under the snow.

Kris P

Your snow cover is beautiful but I'm glad you have established signposts to guide your passage through the garden as I expect that snow can be disorienting. The only thing that comes close here is fog but we've seen none of that in months at our elevation. We're back in drought status - and we're closing in on 80F today.

danger garden

It's definitely winter in your garden! It was 62 here yesterday. Freaky warm and very wet. Never a dull moment in the weather department.

Linda Brazill

BARBAR — you are so right about the benefit of not having to drive in snow.

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