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Wednesday, December 30, 2020


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Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, it looks like a fine snow. It looks gorgeous in your photos. I can understand your angst for all of those trees and shrubs tho. Believe it or not my DB asked for a snow blower for Christmas. ??? We so rarely get big snows. I think it is just a boy toy. It isn't here yet. If we get a big snow it will probably arrive before the snow blower arrives.

Linda Brazill

LISA — we get just enough big snows to make it worth our while to have a blower. Our driveway is about 65 ft. long and two cars wide. Because of the slope on the one side, Mark got a really powerful model to blow the snow high enough out of the way. Nothing I know how to operate or want to learn.

danger garden

With a La Nina in place, our winter was predicted to be wetter and colder than average. So far it's been a little above normal temperature wise, and slightly below for precipitation. Of course winter isn't over by any means so anything is possible...


We got some snow yesterday too and thankfully it was the fluffy kind. All looks beautiful, but it is very cold too. Dreaming of warmer weather.


Hmmm. I recall seeing something recently about a snowier than usual winter... but based on last year's storms that doesn't necessarily mean much.
Let's hope the weather gets this out of its system now and not in March. No one needs snow in March.
Happy New Year!

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