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Thursday, December 31, 2020


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I had only heard of a few of these, and will be adding to my list of books to read. Thanks so much! Happy new year to you and Mark!

danger garden

Thank you! I will delve into this list as my library holds (for electronic reading) are running thin.

Lisa at Greenbow

You always find books I have never heard of. Several sound like books I would like. I am curious about the garden books you will write about.

Kris P

What a wide range of books, Linda! In need of escape from the sad realities of 2020, I stuck to fiction and garden books this year but I should follow your practice of noting summaries as even those can blend together over time. I read everything but garden books on Kindle these days so at least I can easily page through a list of what I've read.

Linda Brazill

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I love book lists so thank you for this. I don’t mind browsing in a real library and seeing what strikes my fancy, but choosing titles at random online is a whole different matter. I get overwhelmed and frustrated bouncing around, so lists/recommendations really help.
Are you familiar with Slightly Foxed? A British literary website offering a quarterly magazine, as well as lovely bound books. Their podcasts are free and very fun to listen to.

Courtney Williams

I vividly remember reading “ The Face on the Milk Carton” when I was in middle school. I remember thinking how strange it was that our milk was served in plastic bags and not cartons. One of the few books that really sticks out from my childhood.

Sending you and Uncle Mark love!

Rae Kaiser

Thanks for this list. And happy 2021!

Linda Pils

After reading the NYTimes Book Review each Sunday, I turn the corners over on a few of the pages of the books that sound interesting, go to the library website and reserve them. After reading the descriptions of each story, Linda, I want to read them all.

Thank you so much for writing such enticing reviews. I have my list for 2021. Delicious.

Linda Brazill

LINDA — Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. Love those NYTimes reviews. Always interesting to go to the library site and see how many people have ordered a hold before I got there!

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