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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


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Kris P

Your photos make me so wish I could grow Hostas. But they didn't survive long even in the gentler conditions of my former garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a not much from lady who like to do garden tours. Hopefully there will be a lot of gardens to tour this year and even the older gardens should have some new plantings, arrangements to see.
These are beautiful photos. I could have one of each. ;)
I have been organizing photos today. What a mess it is. It will take more than one day that is for sure. It all started off with me looking for Dead Mans Fingers (mushrooms) that I know I have pictures of...yet cannot find them. Argh...

danger garden

Oh what a strange year. As we come up on the anniversary of everything changing I still have a garden visit (public garden) from that last trip we took up to Seattle for the NWFG Show. I supposed it's time to dig in.


Thanks for sharing your memories from last summer. I didn't tour any private gardens (except my neighbors'). Made a couple of trips to several public gardens and many, many hikes. It is good to remember those warm days this time of year, although this winter isn't too bad.

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