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Tuesday, January 05, 2021


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Lisa at Greenbow

I really liked UPROOTED too. I think one reason is because I have moved from a much beloved garden to another and we seem to be about at the same era of gardening in our life.
I am glad I read your review of The Earth in Her Hands. I was doubtful about that book when I bought it. After I bought it I looked at it unopened for a few days wondering why I bought it. Then when I finally started reading it I couldn't believe I liked it so much. Like you I didn't know many of the gardeners but I was sure happy to meet them and read about their experiences. It turned out to be a real treat.
I can't wait to read Loree's book. Even though I can't grow so many of her plants I enjoy the verve she brings to of and about gardening. It sounds like her book will be a hit.

Linda Brazill

LISA — It sounds like our reactions were very similar. Loree's book was so much more interesting and useful that I imagined it would be. Very Loree. 
I ordered the book mentioned by Jennifer Jewel called "Farming While Black." 

Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)

What a great review of Loree's book! My favorite phrase of yours: "fully realized sense of design identity." That describes Loree to a T, doesn't it?

Kris P

I've read Windcliff and Uprooted. Although I have another book by Dickey, I was not particularly acquainted with Duck Hill. I admit I expected something different from Uprooted, more on the order of how an older gardener adapts - not everyone can afford the kind of hired garden support she has. I've also read Loree's book and expect to publish my post tomorrow!

danger garden

Looks like I'm in fabulous company here! Thank you so much for taking the time to read Fearless Gardening and share your thoughts here. I was quite thrilled with how perfectly my "style" was captured in the book's design and I'm glad you saw it too. From other authors I've talked with I know what's not always the case.

Barbara H.

Thanks for these great reviews, Linda. I've had a difficult time with eye issues over the last two years so have been limited to Large Print and digital books. Yesterday I had a procedure done and though there are still issues with one eye this morning I can easily read again on the computer. So there's hope for being able to read "real" books and float through the world of pictures again. I've always enjoyed your book reviews, no matter the subject, but gardening has kept me sane for a long time.


I enjoyed your reviews of Dickey's and Loree's books, Linda, having read both myself. They are quite different, aren't they, but both worth reading. I'm deep in a few others right now. It's a good season for bookworming.

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