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Tuesday, February 23, 2021


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Barbara H.

Oh my, nice view out the window and how wonderful to only have to look at it but not go out in it unless you really, really want to do that. Hope the weather moderates soon so the snowdrops will have a chance to shine.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — The good news is that the streets are clear for walking and it's warm enough to do so fairly comfortably.

Kris P

It's beautiful, Linda, but I can well imagine that it gets tiresome even so.

danger garden

I can't imagine. And how wet it will be when everything (finally) starts to melt!

rusty duck

Lovely plump cushion on that bench!
I hope you don't lose any branches under the weight of snow. At least everything else will be cosy resting beneath.

Linda Brazill

LOREE — Spring snow melt is when we are most likely to get water in our basement and garage. The ground is still frozen at that point and so the water can't sink into the ground. 

Linda Brazill

JESSICA — Luckily these last snows have been light enough to not be a big danger to tree and shrub branches. Though who knows what I may find when I can actually get out and walk around in the garden. 


Oh that's funny, I was just saying the same thing about pictures with my phone because I wasn't going out there with the camera!
It looks about the same here, but the weather is set to be warm enough to melt a good bit. Rain would help, but this is a start. We will have snowdrops soon enough!


I'm noticing quite a bit of snow melt over the past two days, so hang in there! I am glad it's not super warm right away, because a slow warm-up will help us avoid flooding. I'm ready for winter to be done, too. We're getting there!

Lisa at Greenbow

Seeing your lovely snow pictures makes me even happier because here the snow has melted and the temperatures are up. So are snowdrops and hellebores. It makes me plumb giddy. I have been out a few hours already cutting off hellebore leaves that are black etc. Picking up sticks. Mud season has begun here.

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