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Tuesday, March 30, 2021


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Barbara H.

You have very lovely early birds! I hope they survive the low temps. Same thing is happening here though we are a little further along.

Kris P

I love the Iris reticulata, which for some unknown reason I've never tried to grow. You don't see the bulbs sold locally but coincidentally I got my first fall planting catalog in the mail yesterday (!) and I marked the page as a reminder to order some of those bulbs this year. The weather seems increasingly erratic all over - as winter makes a return visit in your part of the country, it's suddenly summer here.


Ahh spring! So glad you are getting some flowers in Madison. I definitely need to get some of that iris!

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — By Friday our temps are going to start hitting the 50s and 60s which is too warm for the early bulbs. They are going to disappear quickly.  Plus there are no April showers in the 10 day forecast which has me a bit nervous. 

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Those Iris are in most bulb catalogs and are easy to grow. Plus there's nothing like early spring color.

Lisa at Greenbow

Love these beautiful blooms. My Iris reticulata is up but it isn't blooming as yet. We too are getting that cold front coming through. Not looking forward to it. We are spoiled with some great early temps.


I covered my Hellebores, too, but nothing else. (Oh, I did cover the Rhubarb so I can eat it when it's bigger.) I'll be curious to see what the Daffodils look like tomorrow morning. I'm not enjoying this back-and-forth weather, but I suppose most of the plants will be OK. They always amaze me this time of year.

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