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Tuesday, March 09, 2021


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Love the stunning pastel color of your orchid!!
And congrats on getting the second COVID shot. I get my second one next week. Agree, it will be such a relief.


How exciting to re-bloom an orchid! I have managed it only twice in many years of orchid keeping; now I try to think of them as foliage plants and hope to keep them going. Congratulations on the second COVID shots - its a positive benchmark for sure.


Barbara H.

I'm impressed by your re-blooming orchid. Also reassured by your snowdrops because my little clump has no flowers yet either. Glad you've got both shots out of the way. My appointment is March 29 for the first shot - hope they will actually have the vaccine on hand.

Kris P

Phalaenopsis orchids are the best about reblooming in my experience. I also put my trust in benign neglect (and occasional watering and at best an annual dash of fertilizer). Congrats on your second shot! My husband and I are scheduled for ours on Thursday.


Congrats on the Covid shots! Missouri is doing an abysmal job, and we are in the final group, so we are not holding our breath until we get ours. Our daughter should be in the next group, as she is a higher ed educator. Our son just found out that he may get his soon, as he works in a couple of libraries on his campus. Hope they get him done before he graduates in June!

Susie at pbmGarden

Beautiful orchid. How exciting to have it rebloom. I've never thought to take one outside for summer. Might have to try that. Benign neglect I can handle! Take care. Glad you've been able to be vaccinated.


haha, benign neglect never worked for me, and they all eventually ended up in the compost. Good to here you were able to get your shot.


Oh my goodness, good for you! I had an orchid blooming from August through January, and then it started to go dormant. Some of the leaves are starting to brown, so I'm going to re-pot it. Wish me luck...I've never been successful with re-starting/re-blooming orchids. You are my hero.

Linda Brazill

BETH — Somewhere I know I saved a youtube video on hot to repot an orchid as that will probably be next.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for all these nice comments. And yes, it does feel great to have gotten our vaccines. I am calm for the first time in a year. Or at least more calm.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Amazingly, Wisconsin is doing quite well in getting people vaccinated. But it is a real mixed bag when you talk to people about how their personal health care provider is doing it or where they've had to go to get one etc.  It's another GOP issue of wanting states to be in charge when it clearly should  have been a national concept.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your orchid is gorgeous. My orchids took the year off from blooming last year. I almost tossed them thinking they were sick or something. I kept them and have been rewarded with blooms this year. ha... I guess they thought they better perform.

I am so happy you and Mark have been jabbed. I get my second tomorrow. Can't wait for the incubation time to be over so I can see family and friends without worry.

I bet you can't wait to try out that new deck with visitors. Fun times will be coming soon.

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