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Monday, April 12, 2021


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Barbara H.

Simple and lovely.


Ah, first daffodil - ours are almost done for the year, it would be nice to go through daffodil season again!


Linda Brazill

CECI — We're having a week of slightly cooler weather after rain, so it should be lovely for the flowers.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — Mark said it may be one of his favorite arrangements ever.

danger garden

Grumpy despite a beautiful spring arrangement, some people! It really is quite lovely.

Kris P

The Acer blooms are charming and a perfect complement to the daffodil (or vice versa). Sadly, my own daffodils are already mostly gone, taken our my an early stretch of excessively warm weather.

Susie at pbmGarden

So pretty. I love the daffodil.


Some people are never happy, but at least you and Mark are. Just read the peony post, and I think you have more buds than me. Different varieties though. I will hope that it doesn't get as cold for you as they are predicting and/or that your coverings do the trick! Jim's parents were just here (they are fully vaccinated, and we are halfway) and I think getting home to Verona was kind of a letdown after seeing all of our blooms, though they did have plenty of daffs to greet them.

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