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Monday, April 26, 2021


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Kris P

This is so pretty, Linda! I love the muted palette. The Fritillaria and Epimedium, neither of which will grow in my climate, makes it look exotic to my eyes. I hope you enjoyed the visit with your friends and that your freezing nights are nearing their end.


I love the vase. You have great pottery.


Wow, you were much colder than we were. But it seems the lake, the hill, and the woods (although you have woods, too) keep us warmer than some of the surrounding areas at this time of year and in the fall with the first Madison frost. I covered a few things (peonies, rhubarb, roses, others), but even the nearly blooming bleeding hearts were just fine. That Epimedium is lovely! I'm in the process of selecting a new one to replace a variety that disappeared from my garden a couple of years ago. Gorgeous arrangement!

danger garden

Well done! I do love those Fritallaria thunbergii blooms.


Oh wow, gorgeous arrangement, and I need to get some of that Fritillaria! It's amazing!

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — The best thing is that it never slowed down even when the temps went into the 20s.

Linda Brazill

BETH — It's amazing how widely the temps and weather can differ only a few miles apart, let alone add in water and woods.

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