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Wednesday, May 05, 2021


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Barbara H.

That was a lovely meander, Linda. I hope things are settling down into a more "normal" run of weather for you.

Kris P

Ah, Spring. It's daily miracles deserve close attention. I'm glad to see that that touch (torch?) of hot weather didn't cause any material damage to your lovely blooms. I'm envious of each and every one - and the fern fronds.

danger garden

While I enjoy your plant portraits (especially the Ladyslipper Orchid) that last shot is fabulous for context. Beautiful! I'm glad you got some rain.


Loveliness! You are ahead of me with your blooming irises. Mine are up, but I think it will be a bit before they bloom. That rain sure was welcome, wasn't it?

Linda Brazill

BETH — We got a second rain of  a bit less than half an inch, so things are really looking good. Of course, now I am worried about frost again. What an on again/off again spring.

Susie at pbmGarden

Your plant portraits are fabulous. I'd love any one of these plants to check on hourly! Your wide-view is just lovely.


Beautiful, and the wider shots will be fun to see as I tend to do the same thing... although my wider shots often bring in the less than appealing backgrounds of my garden!
You are really tempting me with your peony photos, I thought I had plenty but the foliage is making me rethink that :)

Linda Brazill

FRANK— The great thing about species/woodland Peonies is that they don't need full sun, they are single flowers on strong stems and don't need staking, and they come up really early before shrubs are doing anything. Only downside is no fragrance. 

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