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Monday, May 03, 2021


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jane strong

I've been very impressed by the plant packaging this season especially by the big stores like Home Depot, plus the plants have good roots. In years past, I've had plants come where the soil immediately falls off from a single root meaning that the plant had just been set in a small pot for mailing.

Linda Brazill

JANE — Have to admit that the only time I ever bought anything (2 shrubs in person) from Home Depot, I did not have good luck with them. But I've had great luck with plants from all the specialty mail order nurseries. If I have a problem they quickly replace the plant or credit my account. 

Kris P

I read the first sentence of this post and literally double checked your masthead to verify I was reading the blog I thought I was. Hitting 90+ here in April isn't "normal" but those occurrences aren't unprecedented either. I sympathize with the necessity to delay planting. I got my ginkgo tree at last on Saturday, much later than I'd ever envisioned, and of course we're also much warmer than I'd hoped with persistent wind. I had to trade up and get a larger tree because that's all the nursery's supplier had and, after struggling to get it home and unloaded from my husband's truck, we decided to hire someone to plant it for us. Unfortunately, that means the tree will be in its 24-inch box for another 2 weeks :(

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I was thinking of you as I was writing that; mentally telling myself that you deal with this stuff all the time. But it is at least a month or so early for us — both for the plants and for me.

Barbara H.

Oh my, you are having a harder spring than I am. What an unfortunate divergence from the norm! Of course, extra hot is just as difficult as extra cold. Everything is very green here since we've had lots of rain but I still see damage from the last night of hard frost a week past our last frost date. Hope things up there return to "normal" soon.

danger garden

Our avg April rainfall is 2.47", this year we had .39", the dried April on record. It's so dry out there and I too have things to plant. Here's hoping we both get some May rain.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA & LOREE — We got rain last night: 1 inch!!!


Glad you had a nice soaking! We haven't hit 90 (fortunately) but such hot weather early on in the season alongside dry weather is extremely discouraging...
I hope it cools again for a few days. We were hot enough to put on the air conditioning, and today was warm and humid, but I think that changes tonight.

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