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Monday, June 21, 2021


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Barbara H.

Oh gosh, I'm so happy you have a reprieve from the unwelcome growing / gardening conditions you've been suffering! What a relief.

Linda Brazill

We got another .40" Sunday so that really gives the garden a break. Mark is out working on the pond redo as it is a very cool morning. Only in the low 60°s.

danger garden

2.28"! And to think that here we were thrilled with a little over an inch a week ago (which is more than our April and May totals combined). We garden in such different climates!

Kris P

Yay for the rain! Watering is a chore even when you have an automated irrigation system as we do - the system never covers everything. I love your parsley fern. I looked it up but its alpine origins and need for acidic soil would rule it out here even if it water was more plentiful.


Yes, the rain is soooo good! Cheers!


I saw a radar map when the rain was over you and had my fingers crossed you were getting a good amount (minus hail and high winds!) Glad to hear that there was a nice soaking. New plants are also an excellent treat :)

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